Join the BC Film Industry in giving back from September 30th to October 11th, 2019.


Our Mission

2019 is the 7th annual REEL Thanksgiving Challenge! Since its inception - with the help of participating teams and sponsors - this initiative has raised a total of $785,835.08 in food and funds for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Last year the REEL Thanksgiving Challenge raised $214,879.70 and we think we can do better this year. Will you help us make 2019 the year we top one million dollars?


Get Involved

Who can participate? There are no restrictions on who can support this wonderful event. Participants have traditionally been film and television production teams but for those willing to commit - and who have a stake in the BC film industry - there is no limit. To signup a team, or simply get more information, you can complete the signup form here.


Form A Team

Do you work with a group of hardworking and caring individuals in the BC film industry? Do you want to outperform your colleges working on other projects and seize the glory for your team while supporting your community? Sign your team up to compete in the 2019 REEL Thanksgiving Challenge.

Make a Donation

Are you a fan of BC film and somebody that cares deeply about their community? Are you lucky enough to live a life of abundance and want to take part in all the of the good that this event produces? If you answered yes to these questions then you can get a tax receipt by making a donation to the team of your choice.

Sponsor a prize

Is your company one of the many well greased wheels that works to make the film industry in BC the whopping success that it is? Do you want to give back to your community and get some well deserved props in the process? If you answered yes to either of these questions then your company should sponsor a prize for the REEL Thanksgiving Challenge 2019.

Spread the word

Whether or not you are in a position to make it rain you can help make this year’s REEL Thanksgiving Challenge a success by helping to get the word out. You can tweet, re-share, like, tell your friends and encourage others to get involved. The more awareness around this event the more people that will get involved which will lead to a greater outcome.


Our Sponsors

The sponsors of the REEL Thanksgiving Challenge are a major part of how everything happens. Each year sponsors contribute tens of thousands of dollars to help incentivize teams to raise more. The whole event is structured like a contest and for every day of the two week event there are a variety of prizes that add to the totals of the competing teams.


October 2018

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is humbled and honoured that BC’s film and television industry has once again chosen to support our mission and work towards helping reduce food insecurity in the Greater Vancouver area.”